Madam Odai was born on the year 1528 (in the first year of Kyouroku) as the daughter of Mizuno Tadamasa, the fourth generation of samurai lord in Ogawa Castle at Higashiura Town,Aichi Prefecture.
  It is said that the father Tadamasa built a castle in Mikawa Kariya and moved with the clan when Madam Odai was 6 years old.
In the tenth year of Tenbun (1541) during this time, Imagawa clan had the alliance with the Okazaki Castle samurai lord. Madam Odai married Matsudaira Hirotada and Takechiyo (Ieyasu) was born.
 After the death of her father Tadamasa, her elder brother Nobumoto taken over the headship and gave ally to Oda clan. Because of this, Madam Odai was separated and returned back to Kariya .
Later, she remarried Hisamatsu Toshikatsu , the samurai lord of Sakaba Castle . They went on to have 3 sons and 4 daughters. Her husband Toshikatsu died in the fifteenth year of Tenshou. The following year, she became a nun and the Buddhist name Denzuuin was given.
In the seventh year of Keichou (1602) , Madam Odai stayed at Kyoto Fushimi Castle by the invitation of Tokugawa Ieyasu (the ruler over the whole country of Japan) . Madam Odai closed her entire life there at the age of 75 years old.
 Madam Odai who lived in turbulent war period kept on wishing to have a peaceful world without constant battling. Her swing life stories can still be talked beyond ages.
 There are sites of Ogawa Castle and tombs of the 4th generation of the Mizunos (“ Kenkon-in” ,their family temple ) remains in its premises at Higashiura hometown of Madam Odai.

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